If You Print Something in 3D, Do You Still Call it “Printing”?

In the above video, we see a demonstration of a printer that’s capable of producing 3 dimensional objects – complete with moving parts. As I watched it for the first time, I found it odd to call it “printing.”

While this is still a long way off from consumer application, it’s still amazing to think about future applications for a “printer” like this.

[Thanks for the tip George!]



  1. says

    Well, this technology has been around for a few years already – these guys use powders and binders; others use a tank of liquid that is impinged by directed laser beams to solidify the liquid in particular voxels (volumetric pixels).

    And, yes, I would say this is as much “printing” as is inkjet or laser printers, in that all these devices are actually rendering final images or products through a raster process. It’s just that the 3D printers rasterize in the third dimension along with the other two.

  2. ricardo b. prospero says

    This is just awesome something like from the future world. I wonder what is coming up next?