Hasselblad Changes Owners, Moving Into New Markets

Hasselblad was recently acquired by a Swiss and German private equity group.  Interestingly, in the press release announcing the acquisition, Hasselblad’s Chairman and CEO said the company would continue its high-end medium format production but would also focus on “exploiting the potential we see in brand new markets.”

No further details were provided.

Will Leica have a new competitor in the rangefinder market?  Will Hasselblad jump into the mirrorless market? What new markets do you want to see Hasselblad exploiting?

[via CrunchGear]



  1. gino deicicchi says

    i think hasselblad is grossly overpriced.perhaps the new owners should rethink their pricing and get more photographers to by their cameras.i have owned film hasselblads but they were always used could never afford new.at their current prices their next owner will be called (BANKRUPTCY)

  2. Jack L. says

    At this time formats larger than full frame (in respect to 24×36 mm format) there is a limited market due to its extremely high selling price. Because of this, its market is basically restricted to the commercial arena.

  3. Achutha Menon Janardanan says

    Hasselblad has its own market base agreed, but nothing like a situation where lovers of this product can really start owning one.The problem, price of course!