Sugar Factory Becomes ‘Photo Theft Factory’, Photographer Calls Them Out With Photo Shoot

Sugar Factory Copyright Infringement

Back in February, Sugar Factory stole at least one of Ryan Doco Connors’ photos, using it on a t-shirt that it sold in its online store. When Connors called them out on it, he was told that Theft Sugar Factory had a legal right to use it because they changed it by 40%, which is a load of crap (legally speaking).

Instead of launching an expensive legal campaign to exercise his rights, Connors did a photo shoot in honor of Sugar Factory’s theft. Check it out below.

[Ryan Doco Connors via Fstoppers]



  1. forkboy1965 says

    Ok… someone help me out. I don’t get what is the point of the video other than him stating what transpired.

    Is the video supposed to be a smack-down of Sugar? What?

    I’m confused.

  2. bill tomers says

    lame retribution. i thought he was going to reshoot the image as it is on the t-shirt. there’s nothing inherently artistic about the images either.