Sanyo Releases XX Rechargeable Batteries for Photographers

Sanyo has announced a new line of Eneloop-powered rechargeable batteries.  The XX-branded batteries are targeted toward photographers due to their 2500 mAh high capacity cell.

From Sanyo:

Well suited for DSLR flash units, the new battery powered by eneloop technology is the eagerly awaited high capacity 2500mAh cell from SANYO, featuring the trademark low self-discharge property and designed for professional and amateur photographers and for other high power gadgets.

The Sanyo XX rechargeable batteries are packaged ready to use.  They are currently available for $23.45 in a 4-pack on



  1. says

    Sanyo has been the #1 batteries used in remote control heli and aircraft for years. In their transmitters and receiver batteries. And I’m not talking the kids crap you buy at Walmart and Radio Shack. I’m talking the 10 to 50 lb, 1/4 and 1/3 scale, gas, 30CC – 150CC and up models that the big boys play with (like me). You have thousands invested in aircraft and electronics and engines and time building …. your electronics are the life line to the aircraft. Sanyo batteries have been used for a very long time, high mah batteries … first NiCAD and now NiMH. I’m sure these are quick good and worth the money.

    I can appreciate however that the batteries in your strobe are not as important as those in the Tx and Rx of the model aircraft … so overkill for many. However, I’m sure they are good for those that like to invest in the best.

    • sjms says

      being that i’m an avionics tech for a commercial airline for the past 24 years i’ve learned one or two things in my time about that there electrical stuff. i’ve been using maha batteries for a few years. they do the job quite admirably vs sanyo’s product. batteries are overall a consumable product in the real world. if you feel that they are your best investment at 2x the price right now you should feel free to spend your $$$ as you see fit.

      “like the big boys play with” ? well the model stuff is impressive and lots of effort by you and many others. fun too. it just doesn’t quite hold up to putting out 17-22 full sized 777s out or 767s out daily as we do on a shift. i’m about to do 6 wks at Boeing training for the 787 before we start taking delivery. this is what the big boys play with my friend :-)

      • Adam says

        By big boys I meant not the small .049 hobby toys.

        And I don’t think your references are a realistic (strong argument) comparison … real aircraft and lives at stake compared to devices that are expendable. I was trying to keep my references in the same ballpark at least.

  2. forkboy1965 says

    While I won’t get into the pissing match over Sanyo versus Maha I will say the Sanyo Eneloop set I purchased from Costco early this year (recharger with 8-AA and 4-AAA for $35) have been head and shoulders above the Energizer rechargeable batteries I had been using.

    They hold a charge a lot longer under both use and storage and that works well for me as a photographer.

    • sjms says

      i discovered that a long time ago. but then again the energizers are not supposed to be low disharge type batteries to begin with.

    • sjms says

      i have no doubt that the utterly rediculous $24 on from MYBATTERYSUPPLIER through Amazon pricing is designed for the gotta have the newest coolest gadget children who are willing to pay max $$$. me, i’ll just wait for the real world pricing to show up. in the mean time the Maha 2400s are going good.