The World’s First iPhone 4 Wedding Photo and Video Shoot

Wedding photographer Brian Adams and wedding videographer Rainer Flor took it upon themselves to shoot an entire wedding with an iPhone 4. Before you turn your nose up at the thought of it, check out their results below.

Just another reminder that it’s not about the camera.

[ via Fstoppers]



  1. Javier says

    puaj!!!!! chromatic aberration poor colors and noise everywhere!!! composition finely done.

    I would not keep my wedding memories shot whith a phone camera. sorry.

  2. Zack says

    I’m assuming they only wanted a 6×4 album then? I hope they enjoy looking at the insignificant press about their ridiculous media stunt more than reminiscing over a quality photo album in the years to come.

  3. says

    if i take my GoPro helmet camera and turn it on, visit a wedding and drop the result on a website, does that make The World’s First GoPro Wedding Photo and Video Shoot? Come on, there are tons of amateurs doin’ the same. This deserves no space on a serious website.
    If thers’s a lack of interesting news – just take a holiday, don’t publish rubbish like this.


  4. Syd says

    Well, actually its a very impressive result for such a limited camera with no controls and also no lens flexibility!!
    And sadly looks u guys are the type of PHOTOGRAPHY PRO’s that can not take good pictures without $10K+ equipment since u r very pro and no chromatic aberration and vignetting can enter your world !!! So saaaddd !!!

  5. Grant says

    Yeah! I like the clip very much and yes it is good enough for your PC screen, not for blow prints.
    But hey, it’s a great addition to the wedding report. This way they can show it on their iPhone.
    Wait till the iPhone 5 arrives with 8Mpix. Apparently Zeiss has made a lens adapter for iPhone, rumors?

    But haven’t I seen Kenny Kim the famous Wedding Photographer on this clip?
    They must have a cute bet on this iPhone thing. ;-)
    Congrats guys, for showing this.