Canon DLSR and Lens Instant Rebates

Canon USA has several new instant rebates for its DSLR and lens combos (including the Canon 60D, 7D and Rebel T3i).  More details and links to the deals below.

Canon 7D Instant Rebates

Canon 60D Instant Rebates

Canon Rebel T3i Instant Rebates

Canon Rebel T2i Instant Rebates

Canon Rebel T3 Instant Rebates

The 60D and 7D deals expire September 3, 2011.  The Rebel deals expire July 30, 2011.



  1. says

    I see the 60d and 700-300 IS combos listed, but each time i click on it takes me to the B&H Website and no such combo. I would like to know what the cost of the 60d and the 70-300 IS combo is. When i click on the link, it either shows only the lens or only the 60d with other combos. Am i doing something wrong? Could you tell me the price please?