Leica M9-P for Professionals

Leica has introduced its new M9 variant that’s geared toward the pro shooter. The M9-P adds a scratch-resistant sapphire covering and an anti-reflective coating to the LCD.  Additionally, Leica has made the camera a bit more inconspicuous by removing the red dot and M9 logo from the front of the camera.   Now, the only branding is the Leica name inscribed in traditional font on the top of the M9-P.

Along with the M9-P, is the new Leica Super-Elmar -M 21mm f/3.4 ASPH lens, which sports a flare-resistant elements group and a lightweight construction.

The Leica M9-P was announced at a price of £5395, which is a bit over £500 than the introductory price of the original M9.  No word on US prices yet.  However, considering that the Leica M9 sells for around $7000 USD right now, expect the M9-P to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $7500 to $8000 USD once it hits the street.



  1. says

    Utterly mindless. On the other hand, as professional sports worldwide has proven, there are always wealthy people eager to spend their money on whatever moves them.

  2. Bruce says

    Leica is currently selling every M9 it can make and every M lens it can make. The company is selling record numbers of cameras and lenses and has just recorded all-time record sales and, more importantly, record profits.

    The M9 is a remarkable success and is selling more strongly to professional photographers than any M camera body since the M4-P. So, Mr Skillern, there is nothing remotely mindless about making an M9-P that is directly aimed at professional users. Why the jealousy? Can’t you afford one?

  3. says

    Just curious why not having the Leica Logo on the front of the M9P adds an estimated $500…
    Maybe like charging extra to not have your phone listed?
    Baffling. Perhaps the improved announced Sapphire glass?
    Once the assembly line setup is done..why?

  4. Radek says

    Fact that Leica sells so many M cameras for that crazy price proves only that people are snobbish. Is anyone able to prove that this camera is 8 times better than similar Canon or Nikon, as it is 8 time more expensive? Actually can anyone prove that it takes just a little bit better pictures than competitors? Because after reading reviews I know it doesn’t!
    Sure, its cute, stylish, well made, looks great but wake up people, it doesn’t take all that great pictures and for those kind of money you can have pretty nice car!

  5. says

    The high price of the M9 plays to the need for prestige value by professional photographers.
    It helps justify their high prices for their work and also provides the benefit of durable equipment performing their daily tasks.