Pentax Mirrorless System Launching this Week?

According to Japanese sites Digicame-info and Nikkei, Pentax will be launching a new mirrorless camera system this week.  Their info suggests that Pentax will be launching the smallest interchangeable lens camera yet.

That’s supposedly a very low-res image of the new Pentax camera up top, which was leaked to  If the Pentax NC-1 (as it’s rumored to be called) is the subject of the news release this week, rumors suggest that it will sport a 1/2.33″ sensor (i.e., point and shoot sized image sensor), a flash hot shoe  and capture HD video.

Is the ability to swap lenses compelling enough to consider a point and shoot type of camera over a Panasonic GF3 or Sony NEX-C3 – both of which come close to rivaling DSLRs in the image quality department?