Sony NEX-C3 Overlooked Feature: Peaking (aka Manual Focus Assist for Video)

I missed this feature in the initial announcement of the new Sony NEX-C3. Check out the video above for a demo of the NEX-C3 “peaking” feature in action.

Peaking, which is a visual aid for manually focusing in video cameras) is a common feature in prosumer and pro-level camcorders; however, we haven’t seen the feature much in hybrid cameras since the HDSLR boom took off.

It shows up as little red (sometimes other colors are available) highlights on the in-focus areas of your scene; however, it doesn’t appear in the final image output.  This is a pretty big feature to see in such an affordable camera.  The NEX-C3 just became a much more attractive dual-purpose camera in my book.

[Vimeo via SonyAlphaRumors]