RED Scarlet Rolling at 120fps

The fabled RED Scarlet just keeps getting sexier – particularly now that they’ve uploaded some 120fps footage shot with a Scarlet prototype in a hairy lighting setup. It looks quite impressive.  Now if they’ll just bring it to market without another price increase

For those unfamiliar, the RED Scarlet is essentially the junior version of the RED Epic, which sports an S35 sensor (close to APS-C sized).  When it was first announced, the Scarlet was supposed to be available with an S35 sensor (dubbed the Scarlet S35).  Those plans were altered when RED announced it was renaming the Scarlet S35 as the Epic Light. Now, the Scarlet model(s) appear that they will only sport a smaller image sensor more akin to a camcorder and, thus, lacks the ability to get that cinematic-looking depth of field. However, if you watch the sample footage, you’ll note that it does other things very well.

You can download the 720p version of the Quicktime over on the RED User forums.