Apple iCloud to Auto-Backup and Sync Photos, Video, More

Along with the updated Camera App in iOS 5, Apple announced its new iCloud product at WWDC 2011 today.  iCloud is basically an auto-storage program that syncs data across devices – mail, photos, documents, videos, etc.

Say you take a photo on your iPhone.  iCloud now allows that photo and every other photo or video you take to automagically upload to your iCloud storage.

Using Apple’s new Photo Stream feature, images captured on one device are now available to view on other devices (or the last 1000 images anyway).  In iOS devices, they show up as a separate “Photo Stream” album in the actual camera roll.  On the Mac, it shows up in iPhoto.  On the PC, Photo Stream shows up in the Pictures folder.

Photo Stream also rolls out to Apple TV, which pulls in the images straight from iCloud for a instant slideshow of your iOS photos.

Images are backed up to iCloud over Wi-Fi only; however, once you back it up, you can set up a master folder in iPhoto or on your PC that backs up everything from every iOS device you have – forever.  iCloud backups are only for 30 days, but that gives you a month to sync what’s important across devices.

As with the new Camera App features in iOS 5, you’ll get access to iCloud this Fall.  It’s free for iOS 5 devices.

[via Apple]