Pentax O-GPS1

Pentax has announced the O-GPS1, which is an add-on GPS unit for the K-5, K-r and 645D.  The O-GPS1 makes it possible to embed location info into image files.

Additionally, the O-GPS1 allows for enhanced astrophotography through the Astrotracer function, which uses Pentax DSLRs’ Shake Reduction feature to move the sensor in tandem with the stars for longer exposures without creating star trails.  (Personally, I think that functionality is pretty freaking brilliant.)

The Pentax O-GPS1 should be available in July for $250. Check availability on



  1. says

    Interesting unit.

    I’m guessing that this unit is backward on cameras that have Pttl abilities. This thought comes from the fact that Pentax doesn’t make the K20D, and prior cameras anymore.
    (Please correct me on this if my thoughts are incorrect!)

    One thing I don’t really like is the lack of a flash hot shoe. There are times that I’d like both GPS and use of my flash(s). In those cases I could use my X-sync plug or find an extension doubler hot shoe.