Nikon Shoots D5100 Commercial with a D5100

We are excited acclaimed Director of Photography Matthew Libatique shot our “Man of Action” D-SLR spot with the Nikon D5100. All elements of this DSLR campaign were shot with the Nikon D5100 demonstrating its high quality photo and HD movie capabilities. -Lisa Baxt, senior communications manager for Nikon Inc.

Kudos to Nikon for stepping up to the plate and making a commercial with its own DSLR.  Perhaps other companies should consider doing the same.

As has been the case with recent Nikon campaigns, Ashton Kutcher is front and center showing off the D5100.  Check out the commercial spot below.

Not sure why the audio is out of sync (it’s the same on Nikon’s own site). I can recommend a good audio-syncing program for DSLRs

You can see other recent ads on Nikon’s mini-site here.



  1. forkboy1965 says

    Funny… my first thought from the headline was “Oh. I hope Sony reads this.”

  2. richard says

    Nikon better soon come up with something to rival OR beat that awesome canon 5d MK 11…the last good camera they made was the d700…..BUT THAT IS GETTING TO BE OBSOLETE…come on Nikon before its too late

  3. Bruce says

    Funny how the shots that included the D5100 that was supposed to be shooting the video showed it was hand held. Meanwhile, the whole video was shot with the camera mounted on a tripod!

    Funny, eh?