Canon Lens Price Drops

Several Canon lenses have dropped in price this week.  Below is a list of the relevant lenses and the amounts in which they dropped.



  1. says

    $30-$50? Crap discounts! A real discount is 10-20%! Any dealer will give you that much of a price break to get your business – it’s dog-eat-dog out there.

  2. Radek says

    LOL, so much noise about 30-50 bucks savings. What is it? A joke? Come on Photography Bay…

  3. leo says

    Better down then up.
    I admire Canon for that, it is not really easy in Japan the last months.

  4. Art says

    So absurd! Please take me off your mailing list if this all that you have to offer.

  5. Alwyn Velasquez says

    Canon lenses are way too expensive for those of us with limited funds—we are after all in a recession, Not even professionals can afford these prices.

  6. says

    Those price drops if that is what you want to call them, is nothing but a flat out insult to the customer. Some customer appreciation by canon. Whoooopppppiiiii……..Big Deal.

  7. crzzzr says

    You jokers … all they are doing are reporting the news. Photography Bay don’t set the prices.
    What would you be saying if they didn’t report it? If you were about to purchase one of these lenses then the info is relevant.

    Any advertised discounting should be at least 5% but preferably more. As far as Canon goes, they should offer customers who own a number of lenses better discounts. Show some customer loyalty.

  8. Johan says

    Agreed crzzzr! Stop winging about recession. Recession does not only stop at your door! If you cannot afford it, work harder… or don’t buy it. Just because you NEED it but cannot AFFORD it does not mean Canon has to lower their prices just to satisfy your NEED.

  9. says

    Such a drop that when you pay the tax on it, its back to the same price if not more. When lenses cast as much a camera or more, there has to be something wrong.