Killer Deal: Lightroom 3 for $119 – One Day Only

Amazon has a killer deal on Lightroom 3 as its “Gold Box Deal of the Day” for only $119.99 – the cheapest I’ve ever seen the full version.  Here’s the link.

Note that these deals typically don’t last all day since Amazon only has a limited number at the “Deal of the Day” price.

UPDATE: Looks like Amazon is putting up another seller’s offering now at $199; however, you can still get the Lightroom 3 deal by clicking the “Add to Cart” button for the Amazon product where it says “More Buying Choices.”  It says “ships in 2-4 weeks,” but you’re still saving over $80 off the next lowest price.  See pic below.



  1. forkboy1965 says

    I forgot to say this when you posted, but thank you very much for spying this. I saw it on my iPhone app for Amazon deals of the day, but not until I saw it here first.

    While I already have and use Lr I passed along the info to a friend who had been thinking about making the purchase for himself. He’s very happy to have gotten in at such a great price.

    Thanks Eric.