Hasselblad H4D-200MS

Hasselblad recently launched its latest medium format camera in the H4D line.  The new H4D-200MS sports a 50MP sensor and includes all of the features found in the H4D-50 and H4D-50MS; however, the 200MS now has the ability to capture 200MP images by shifting the sensor and capturing multi-shot images.

The H4D-200MS camera uses a 50Mpix sensor mounted onto our patented symmetrical multi-shot frame, which can accurately position the sensor with accuracy, using piezo-electrical actuators. The camera then captures 6 shots, by moving the sensor 1 and ½ pixel at the time, to create a 200Mpix capture. This process eliminates the issues which single-shot interpolation can sometimes introduce, such as moiré and color rendering issues, thereby capturing the red, green and blue information in each individual pixel point and then combining these captures into one amazing file. The mind blowing detail of these shots opens new creative and commercial doors to any kind of shooting where detail or resolution are important, from fine cars to artwork reproduction to high-end product photography. In addition to the 200Mpix resolution, these multi-shot images offer true color and moiré free capture to provide an astonishing level of detail. –Hasselblad

The H4D-200MS should be available in June for $43,995 at B&H Photo.



  1. David says

    @James: I guess you got it wrong: the sensor moves 1 and 1/2 _pixel_ to avoid the moiré and other issues that comes from the interpolation (see: bayer pattern). Moving the sensor in a way to capture panos with one shoot wouldn’t be possible since you (they) would need a completely different lens to project an image that was large enough.