1. richard says

    We are getting to be worse then communist counties.gee..ARREST us ????..FOR WHAT…what a SILLY government

  2. Michael says

    So this is called “the land of the free”. U.S. is no different from totalitarian countries like Iran, or China. Where police can detain the press representatives and civil rights activists for exercising control of the state power apparatus.
    In Denmark, it is allowed photographers to film and shoot pictures in all public areas, as long it is not for´╗┐ advertising. You may broadly shoot who you want, anywhere you want so long as the “victim” is not on private property.
    If you have an authorized press card issued by press organizations you pass through police blockades, provided that it does not interfere in the police business.
    That’s FREEDOM.

  3. says

    Some Police Officers like to use the badge for their private benefit and really don’t know what the law actually is. Freedom of the press is what it says, at least in the United States of America. If your challenged for no reason then the officer is most likely doing something that is not by the book in the first place, or they are crossing the line. Think about it they consider the person with the camera a whistle blower. They know the camera does not lie and they feel Big Brother is looking over their shoulder. You can shoot any video or picture as long as your not hindering the officer doing his job enforcing the law and your standing on public property and not on someone ones private property when shooting video or taking your pictures. The first amendment to the US Constitution gives us that right. If that were not the case this would be a non-democratic country and a country under a dictatorship rule. For the present time this is still free America.