What Kind of Camera Do You Use?

As I’m planning for future gear coverage and other topics, I wanted to see what kind of cameras are represented amongst Photography Bay readers.

Take a couple of seconds and let me know in the below poll what kind of camera you use for most of your photography (I recognize that many of you own more than one, so pick your primary camera type).

What is Your Primary Camera?

  • DSLR (80%, 412 Votes)
  • Mirrorless (e.g. Micro 4/3, Sony NEX, etc.) (9%, 45 Votes)
  • Point and Shoot (6%, 29 Votes)
  • 35mm Film (2%, 10 Votes)
  • Other (2%, 9 Votes)
  • Medium Format Digital (1%, 5 Votes)
  • Camera Phone (e.g., iPhone, Android, etc.) (1%, 3 Votes)
  • Medium Format Film (1%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 516

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  1. Darren says

    I felt I was a little misleading. Only 1 choice?

    As a pro, I use a DSLR, but as a hobbiest, I use my GF1. Count me twice I guess.


  2. Dan says

    DSLR is what I use. Though I am thinking of a Canon s95 or something along those lines for something more portable just to keep with me.

  3. Othe Kendrick says

    A Pentax K-7, K-200, S-1, X-90, I-10, and S-1. I also have a ZX-5N. I use all frequently.

  4. Jerome Taylor says

    Just one choice? I use a D90 and an S95 (a great combo IMHO). I would say that the D90 is my main camera but I more often have the S95 with me and sometimes take more pics with it. If I added a medium format I would still call the D90 my main camera as the MF would be for special shoots. As Darren said, main camera for what?

  5. Jerome Taylor says

    “Jacob May 25, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    Main camera is the one you use most?”

    Most images or best images? Practice/learning shots or ones you think you will print? The one you use more or the one that is important to you? The one you carry most often partly because it cost less and would be easier to replace if something happened to it or the one that you hope you will be holding when you see ‘that’ shot?

  6. says

    Nokia N97 mini cameraphone is the one I use most regularly but I use other cameras from point and shoot to DSLR for my other media work

    Thanks for having this poll! :)

  7. Robert Andersen says

    A little Pentax P3 back in the film days,until i dropped it and broke it about 20 years ago. 20 years later, i decided to try and get back into the hobby, and bought myself a Nikon D40 off of E-Bay,been soooo much fun since then. The D40 has been a wonderful teaching tool, so i now feel confident enough to move up, hopefully to the D7000, just loving the hobby all over again.

  8. says

    Anything I’m capable of capturing photographically, whether from a technical or asthetic point of view, my Nikon D90, 16-85mm Nikkor and 70-300mm Nikkor are up to the task.

  9. says

    I am a longtime Nikon user with D300s and D300… but I am enjoying my GF1 and GH2 system for the quality, portability, and features like the articulating LCD on the GH2.

  10. says

    I really love my D7000/35mm 1.8. however I find myself leaving it on the self and grabbing my Samsung TL-500, it’s really a great little camera.

  11. Diana says

    I use most often nikon d90, occasionally canon g11. I’d like to know more about different camera bags. I’m looking for sling bag that will hold camera attached to 70mm-300mm lens and also squeeze in an iPad?

  12. Susan says

    I am trying to learn how to use a Sony a550 my kids gave me as a retirement gift to replace a defunct point & shoot digital.

  13. R. Simi Lyss says

    My first love is cameras rather than photography. I currently use a D90 with a Tamron 18-270, a Fuji HS10, and a Panasonic DMC-ZS10 depending on what I’m willing to lug around at a given moment. About 30 years ago, when I realized the cameras themselves were my thing, I started to collect them. I currently have about 120 cameras, some as far back as 1915. I also have 17 different Nikon SLRs recently added from eBay (out of a possible 30 or so). Most cameras are marvelous machines and collecting them over the years has been great fun!

  14. John Stauffer says

    Mirrorless; I use a DSLR a lot too, but I am enjoying the small, lighter weight of the Olympus and Panasonic micro 4/3 cameras.

  15. Peter Talmazschi says

    I am,medically speaking,a”camera fetishist”.I like the look and feel of a new camera, and even your cover photo gave me a pleasant thrill.But,regretfully,I also am a lazy carrier,so most of my cameras were point and shoot wide angle .At the moment I have a Samsung WB 650 (not rugged enough,slippery,superfluous GPS).

  16. Gerardjan says

    Using Pentax ME with 50mm 1.7, 135mm; Pentax KR with 21mm (All the time),
    Nokia N8 is also there 24/7

  17. Carl-Johan von Cappelen says

    I use at the moment a Leica M8 / 24/ 2.0 + Noctilux 50/1.0
    and Nikon D3s, 12-35/2.8 + 17-35/2.8 + 70-200/2.8 this is in my world the best combination for the kind of job I work with.

  18. John says

    I currently use 4 cameras (it should be only 3)

    Canon S95 – Goes everywhere in my shirt pocket – hence used a great deal.
    Nikon D90 – My main camera. While I like m43 there is nothing so far that is as capable as the D90. Since Panasonic are dumbing down the entire range that isn’t likely to change soon.
    Panasonic GF1 – A travel companion, when I want to travel light and/or don’t need the better capability of the D90
    Panasonic GH2 – Used purely for stills its video capability is wasted on me. This camera was an attempt to get the best of both worlds (or the best compromise). Its image quality is better then the GF1 but by an insignificant margin. Its ergonomics are nice – but it still is nowhere near the D90 for overall capability. Faster AF than the GF1 but cannot be put to any great use due to its poor performance in continuous AF and viewfinder lag. Its pretty much a failure for its intended purpose but kept just because I like using it. Rationally I should make a choice between the GH2 and GF1. (G3 is a dissapointment – less appealing than any G series to date)

    Regards John

  19. Charl says

    Dear Sirs,

    Answering your poll.
    Compact Digital Samsung WB550 with 24-240mm lens. (Europe name)
    Canon EOS 5D MkII
    Canon EOS 7D

  20. Charl says

    Please I do need to fill in also this information – the primary is somewhat (today) BOTH Canon EOS 7D with Samsung WB550 with wideangle lens! So in fact – I do use these three cameras parallel when I am outdoors. The Canon EOS 5D MkII FF is for my TS-E wide angle lenses and wide angle landscape lenses and the Canon EOS 7D I us primarly for tele lenses to get the addition of 1.6 X Extender effect but not loosing any stop (f/). Thank you sir for a very nice and exciting website for photography! Best Regards, Charl (Sweden Europe)

  21. monte holsinger says

    I have used several olympus cameras and currently use the SP 800 UZ. I may have bought a conon ix 30 is if it were around

  22. Arne Ek says

    I use normaly tree cameras. Nikon D200. D300 and Sony R-1.
    The Sony DSC R1 are remarkebel good in most situations with normal light.
    Whit photographing older 6×6 negatives it its the best of my cameras.

  23. PK Bhattacharyya says

    My primary camera is Canon EOS 5oD
    I also use Canon EOS 500 QD (Film SLR)

  24. PK Bhattacharyya says

    I primarily use Canon EOS 50D
    Also have Canon EOS 500QD film SLR for family photos.

  25. Luís Mestre says

    I primarily use a Canon EOS 7D.
    I also have a Olympus Miu digital 800 in my daily bag.

  26. Dorie says

    My main use camera is a Sigma DP2S which is neither a point-and-shoot nor a DSLR.

  27. Nancy Stevenson says

    We have two cameras: one is a Canon SX30 IS and the other is a Fuji Finepix HS 10. We use these cameras for taking pictures of bears and wildlife in Alaska.

  28. Tex Bacalian says

    I have two cameras. Primary camera is Fujifilm HS20EXR and the sidekick Fujifilm AX250. The HS20EXR is a remarkable thing to handle with its long, manual zoom control, PSAM and EXR Modes.

  29. Theodore Ritz says

    I use the new Sony A580 DSLR. It is a fantastic camera. I also have a Sony A100 as a backup.

  30. Ralph Walter says

    I use a Panasonic Lumix FZ100…24X optical zoom…14 mega pixels ,.
    full HD It does a great job!

  31. Victor says

    I would love to be able to read the results of this poll, but the text you are using with the bar graph is UNREADABLE! Please fix it!

  32. says

    I use a Canon D400 and that’s mainly why my nickname: kanun400
    btw ireally enjoy this newsletter, keep it up !!


  33. Chris says

    Which camera brand can guarantee that their shutter will continue to work after perhaps
    80.000 shots??
    Let me know so that I will go buy it !!

  34. Roy T says

    I have a D80 and now HS20EXR but often carry a Lumix FX65 for convenience.

  35. Mark says

    Very happy with my G11 except for the grip.
    How does one handle the cam without activating one or more of the control buttons accidentally right under your thumb?
    Did anyone happen to develop an accessory grip to alleviate the problem?

  36. Tom Newitt says

    After buying a Sony A 300 (too heavy, not happy with lenses), then a Canon T1i (too heavy but good lenses) and now, like the third bear I am totally happy with the Sony Nex 3 (light, great resolution and lenses)
    Finally I am happy.

  37. Indrajeet Singh says

    I use a Nikon D7000, entered the DSLR world with the Nikon D60 after using the Nikon F3 hp for many years.

  38. Sanjay Jumde says

    I use a bridge camera Kodak 6490. Good enough for A4 sized prints, quite portable, good zoom (optical 10X), EVF and long battery life. Sanjay Jumde

  39. Richard Cavanaugh says

    I use my camera for product photography, kitchens, furniture, and also family photos – lots of children. The camera used is a Sony a100. It serves my purposes well.

  40. Savin says

    Canon 1D Mark IV (25% of my pictures), Canon 5D Mark II (30%), Canon 50D (10%), Canon Powershot 95 (5%), iPhone 4 (20%, because is ALWAYS with me!).

  41. Screaming Tut says

    me D90 D300s & iPhone 4G. Last year I had a serious infection in my left hand (palm) I could not hole my DSLR But I got myself the iPhone I been shooting with that since Sept 2010 I just started being able to pick up the DSLR. Although I still have a bandage on the Palm (it not healed yet going on 17 months plus 9 surgeries!) I am not wearing a cast ( had it on 14 weeks 6 different cast though) that goes from mid forearm to just pass my longest finger tips to keep in a neutral position. also I been shooting B&W with a used Nikon F4t with digital back. great camera. At school I got to use a Mamiya 645DF with 220 film backs we just got a digital back for two of them I think its the 33MP. cool.

  42. Natarajan Manikoth says

    I use a DSLR, even though I still hang on to my trusted F2AS body and MF Nikkors.

  43. Lloyd A. LeZotte says

    I have been a NIKON-Person for over 40 years … I use a NIKON D300+18-200mm Zoom as my ‘walk-around camera; I use NIKON D700 with a variety of fixed focal lengths for studio and environmental portraits … and a Canon G11 as the one hanging from my belt whereever I go… great little camera!

    Might I suggest that next time you want or need to make a survey, kindly use a knowledgeable person in the design of the same … making up such questions is extremely complex and quite a challenge, if the objective is to get meaningful data.

  44. David Dunn says

    I had an eye test other day: Optician noted my records stated, ” Retired Photographer”
    “Do phoographers ever retire she said?” to which of course the answer was no.
    After a lifetime of carrying a camera, I still feel undressed without one.
    In my working days it was all film. Mamiya 6 x7, Bronica .and Pentax 35mm. Now all sadly little used. The 6 x7 is really my favourite camera of all time.
    For a number of years I have used digital, Minolta, Lumix Z30 the latter very good, but recently got a fault, probably not worthwhile to fix. The successor the Z100 semed a poor option.
    Now I have a Pentax K5 with 2 lenses. Still learning the formidable range of settings built in. The extent pictures can be manipulated on computer is one of the most useful features of Digital. I still miss the darkroom. I am a pictorialist, but anything that makes a”picture” gets my attention.
    It is nice to take lots of digi images at no cost, after commercial work where every single frame had to count. DD

  45. Bill says

    Nikon Coolpix P500 – Excellent for traveling in the country or on sea. Easy to use, with spectacular results.

  46. DUNCAN says

    I have shot with a pentax for the last 22 years,1st a sf10 then a ist 35 mm film cameras now I have a K10, aK7 and an 0lympus E620. so i guess DSLR is the main type of camera I us. I also have a 6year old Fuji fine pics point and shoot that I have taken some of my favorite shoots with.

  47. Jay says

    Love my Canon 7D, but considering the SX30 for the handy camera. I’ve had several of the SX series cameras over the years and they all took great shots.

  48. Gordon Maxwell says

    I shoot with an Olympus E5 and the older Olympus E3 enjoy everyminute with both.

  49. timothy john plog says

    another vote for DSLR-I use a Canon 1Ds3-coming from a long line of Canon film and digital bodies over the decades-love this hobby!

  50. Alejandro says

    My first digital camera was the Olympus E-500 six years ago. I am using an E-620 DSLR nowadays with a mirrorless Olympus E-PL1, both at the same time. I am pleasantly surprised by this little camera’s image quality: It is equal or slightly better than the reflex.

  51. steve says

    forgot to mention lens f2.8 50mm-200mm beautiful lens and 12mm-60mm Zuiko both great to use.