Sigma SD1 Gets Street Priced $3K Less Than MSRP

Remember last week when Sigma announced the (what some would call outrageous) $9700 price tag on its SD1 DSLR?

Turns out that retailers are posting the real street price at nearly $3000 less. B&H emailed me earlier today to let me know that they now have the SD1 listed for $6899; however, you still can’t actually order (or pre-order) one.

I’m not sure that price tag is any easier to swallow; however, if you feel these sample photos are worth the cost of admission, then I guess you should keep an eye on the pre-order button for whenever it goes live.



  1. Peter says

    Sigma just lost its loyal Foveon X3 fanbase with the original announcement, even halving the original price probably won’t change that now.
    I’m looking for a new APS-C camera but will probably settle for a Nikon D7000 or Pentax K5 now.