Fuji X100 ISO Comparison Images

I just got my hands on the Fuji X100, and after reading all the praises this APS-C format camera has received for its image quality, I wanted to take a closer look.

Below you will find a chart that covers the sensitivity range of the Fuji X100 for both RAW images exported via Lightroom 3 and in-camera JPEG images. Below the chart, you’ll see links for the full resolution images if you want to download them for your own personal inspection (not for republication).

First, here’s a look at the whole scene so you can get a flavor of what we’re looking at in the chart below.

The 100% crops are taken from the top-left corner of the color chart and include a portion of the wind muff on the Zoom H1.  Note that the ISO 100 and ISO 12800 settings are “expanded” sensitivity settings for which the Fuji X100 does not offer a RAW format capture.

Here are the links to the original files if you want a closer look.  To save a file, right-click the link and choose “Save link as…”

I was blown away at the noise handling throughout the ISO range.  Even when noise starts to creep in, it’s not too ugly.  A little grain is ok now and then and I feel like I could probably work around the noise at any setting with the X100.

I’ll have the full review up soon for an overall evaluation of the X100 .  In the mean time, the Fuji X100 is available from Photography Bay’s trusted retail partner, B&H Photo, at the following link:

Fuji X100 at B&H Photo

Note that this is a hot item right now, so the stock status is a little hit or miss.

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  1. ARNE DANSK says

    We find the “idea” of the FUJI “X-100″ to be fascinating, but the slow”start speed”,focus speed and lack of Phase Focus, Stabilization and F2 sharpness deminish the camera’s usefulness.
    Fuji , you seem quite able to fix these problems.Please get your technology up to your potential.We would want one!