New FlashRight Speedlight Modifier

The makers of the ColorRight white balance tool are launching a new speedlight modifier, the FlashRight.  This new modifier uses ColorRight’s “Dome Technology” to diffuse the light in a direction manner.  Additionally, the makers are in the process of developing “slide-in” gels that are custom made for the FlashRight.  These gels should be available later in 2011.

FlashRight’s key features are as follows:

  • Big very diffused light from a small form using the ColorRight “Dome Technology”.
  • Prevents flash from being “sprayed” on people behind you and near to the camera.
  • Directional light in horizontal mode simply turning the entire dome – smooth silent action.
  • Directional light in vertical mode mode simply turning the entire dome – smooth silent action.
  • Only flash-top diffuser to have same light directional feature in BOTH horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) modes.
  • Wide very soft diffused light.
  • Provides built in forward kicker reflector to give a catchlight for the eyes.
  • Solid strong construction.
  • Solid strong non-slip mount system with velcro belt – no “stickies” to go onto the flash.

The FlashRight will retail for $99.95 when it launches at the end of May 2011.  Currently, the FlashRight is in a “pre-launch” phase with a limited production run and is available for $89.95 to Photography Bay readers through April 30 only.  Here’s the link to the product purchase page.



    • Garrett Hayes says

      Maybe it is slightly more than a piece of plastic? There has apparently been a lot of reasearch into the color temperature land quality of the light together with some clevrer engineering to give a small but highly effective flash bouncer.

  1. says

    Piqued my curiosity as I briefly engaged in “what if” scenarios with a soft, adequately diffused on camera flash–potentially triggering slave flashes or acting as a command? Hmm, will wait and see.