1. paolo says

    hey Eric,
    no offense intended…its that I’ve seen this many times..on various websites in the last years…. so keep up the good work ..I really enjoy your site :)

  2. JF says

    laughing since yesterday…. I scored 96. Slightly better than a blind man! Though, I bought a Monaco X-Rite today (what’s the point you might say). I am impatient to see if I am going to do any better or I should only focus on B&W!


  1. […] If you would like to check out your color vision try the Color Blind Test. You can also try the Hue Test from X-Rite (see image below), which doesn’t tell you what type of colorblindness you have but it gives a nice visual result of where your deficiencies are (if you have any at all) [via Photography Bay]. […]