1. Ben Schlockwell says

    I remember this, in the back is Starcity Cinemas, we go to the movies there sometimes, this was shot in Montreal, Canada. Please keep stuff like this coming, adds a positive flavor to your site. I’m sure it will make many a reader smile. Bravo! mon ami.

  2. bernard Roughton says

    This is very funny! But, how do I email this on to a friend? I’m sure it can be done, but I’d appreciate some guidance from those more into the internet than me!
    Many thanks!

    • Kay Falke says

      For Bernard; I have a iMAC using Safari and saved this as a web site to my attachment folder then attached it to my e-mail friends. Good luck

    • "Gene" says

      In the lower right on the video box bar click on youtube then you will see what to do.

  3. Kay Falke says

    OK I finally woke up and just copied the URL and pasted to an e-mail. Much simpler and it worked!

  4. Mike Balog says

    Remember Candid Camera TV Show from the 1960’s Wonder How they got the
    Camera to work so fast ? Great Video, wish I could send this to friends who would
    appreciate it. Happy Easter and Happy Passover,,,,,,,, Athesists have only one
    official holiday a year,,,,,,,, April 1st