Photo Mechanic Available for $60 Until April 30

Photo Mechanic is a robust image organization program that provides nearly instant review of RAW images (even at 100% magnification) and normally retails for $150.  In celebration of the company’s 15th anniversary, Photo Mechanic 4.6 will be available for $60 through April 30, 2011.

If you aren’t familiar with the software and how it fits in a photographer’s workflow, check out Photography Bay’s Photo Mechanic Review.  You can purchase Photo Mechanic through Camera Bits’ website.



  1. forkboy1965 says

    I remember reading the review when it first was posted, but chocked on the price. That was half the cost of Lightroom 3. Pretty steep just for reviewing…

    But this price intrigues me as I do tend to shoot large numbers of images at once (even though I’m only an amateur). And I do find waiting for Lr to upload and resolve a painfully slow experience.

    But a question: would the appropriate way for me to use this software be to import from my media card into Photo Mechanic, review and trash the trash and then import the keepers into Lr from the folder I use to temporarily store them for the purpose of using Photo Mechanic?

    (Eric, if you want please feel free to reply via my e-mail… I might actually see that!)

    • says

      You could do it off your card; however, you may have another choke point in the speed if you are on a USB 2.0 reader. If you are using a Firewire card reader, then you would probably get decent speed results (assuming you are using a reasonably fast card).

      I’ve gotten to where I dump everything onto my media hardrive (a WD USB 3.0 external drive) into a folder and then view/import from there. I only use Photo Mechanic for large batches – but man it speeds those up big time. I can rate, keyword, and confirm proper focus quickly in Photo Mechanic. Then I only bring the selects of those large batches into Lightroom.

  2. says

    Ummmmmm…… how do I TAG in zoomed in on one picture or full screen mode? I only see a way to “untag” but that is not how I work, is there a way to tag in full screen using the arrow keys going back and forth?