Cinevate Atlas FLT Hands-On

Cinevate just announced its new Atlas FLT at NAB 2011. I caught up with the Cinevate guys there and they let me take a quick test drive of the new slider.

At 26-inches, it is super-compact for a slider.  As you would expect from Cinevate, it rolls very smoothly.  The Atlas FLT is available with articulating all-terrain feet, which gives you the ability to set it up on just about any surface in quick order.  Setting it up on a bar top took just a few seconds.

In the base configuration, the Atlas FLT runs $579.  While there are other options out there in the $200-$300 range, the ones I checked out at NAB weren’t nearly as smooth.  As far as I’ve seen, you get what you pay for when it comes to sliders.

You can also add other options, like a counter-balanced vertical kit for doing vertical jib-style shots.  Because the ends are equipped with 3/8″ mount holes, you can attach it vertically to any 3/8″ mount tripod head.  It is also equipped with 3/8″ holes in the center of the unit, which makes it possible to mount it on a single tripod instead of bridging between two as is the case with larger sliders.

Below is a quick sample of the roll we gave my 5D on the Atlas FLT at the bar area of the FCPUG Supermeet.

For more details on the Atlas FLT, check out the informative video from the Cinevate guys below.

You can find the Cinevate Altas and other HDSLR gear from Cinevate at B&H Photo or direct from Cinevate’s website.