GE Micro Four Thirds Cameras Coming Soon?

GE Digital Cameras looks to be adding Micro Four Thirds to its growing lineup of cameras.  If a report from CNet Asia is accurate, we could see GE-branded Micro Four Thirds cameras by the end of the year.

For those unfamiliar with GE Digital Cameras, General Imaging Company is actually the company that makes and sells GE Digital Cameras subject to a brand-licensing agreement with General Electric (the company that owns the ‘GE’ trademark).  Obviously, General Electric has at least some marginal oversight of the products and the use of its brand, but the actual company that is making and selling the cameras is a camera company.

I’ve seen and handled many of the GE camera models over the past couple of years as they have been released, and can honestly say they are getting better.  And some are even becoming attractive models for those looking for functional, budget-friendly point and shoot cameras.  At just $140, the GE X500 is the current flagship model, which I checked out in prototype form at CES 2011.  And while I don’t expect it to out-do the top superzoom cameras from Canon, Nikon and Sony, it’s likely going to be a viable alternative in some respects – especially the price.

So, the prospect of a GE Micro Four Thirds camera is not really out of left field.  Of course, I don’t necessarily expect a groundbreaking GE Micro Four Thirds camera; however, I do expect something that’s at least capable and affordable.

Those in the market for a Panasonic GH2 won’t necessarily be swayed toward a GE Micro Four Thirds model.  But maybe, if General Imaging continues to play the low-end of the market, it might give some folks access to an interchangeable lens camera who otherwise would not have considered one.

And that, I think, would be a good thing.