Nikon D3s Survives Drop From Motorcycle, Keeps on Shooting

A photojournalist from Malaysia National News Agency was covering a cycling race from the back of a motorcycle when he dropped his Nikon D3s. The camera was then ploughed over by the race marshal’s vehicle. When he recovered the camera and applied some duct tape to the battery cover, he finished shooting the race with it. See the video below for his story about how the Nikon D3s saved his job.

[via NR]



  1. bauer says

    I dropped my F3 from my spacevehicle while approaching Venus.
    It happened 2 years ago. Im still waiting to land. Hope it will
    be still usable. I dont mind scratches @all.
    I have reason to be very optimistic,cause when i dropped my F2 from the heli
    into Pinatubo’s crater in 1991………