HDR Tonemapped Video from Canon Rebel T2i

Stephen Carr shot the clips in the below video with a Canon Rebel T2i. To get the HDR-effect, he processed each frame through Photomatix.

I suspect this was a batch process once he tweaked the settings to his liking. Still yet, that’s a rather tedious process. Whether you like the HDR look or not, you have to admire the amount of effort and experimentation that went into the process.

[Vimeo via @StephenLeeCarr]



  1. Susan R. says

    Really awesome. Howed you do it? I have a Canon 7d but never use the video. HDR is great. Didn’t know you could use it on video.

  2. Max Schiffrer says

    I guess the vido was shot in superflat or extraflat picture style, propably with a polarizer (to increase the dynamic range) and then each frame was processed in photomatix pro. Just like a single RAW HDR.

  3. MEZEUS says

    What is this building and where is it located ? It looks much more like a painting than a photograph. (or video