Firmware Friday: Nikon P100, Ricoh GXR & GR Digital III

Camera    Firmware Update

Below you will find this week’s firmware updates.  Hit the manufacturer website links for more details and download instructions for the firmware.

Nikon P100 version 1.2 – “When the monitor was turned on by pressing the power switch or shutter-release button, or by rotating the mode dial, after the camera had entered standby mode with the auto off function with the Welcome screen set to any option other than None (default setting), monitor display was completely black with only information displayed. Further, when the shutter-release button was pressed halfway with this monitor display, the view through the lens was displayed, but the display included a significant amount of noise. This issue has been resolved.” [Nikon website]

Ricoh GXR and GR Digital III (new versions available 3/28/11) – “Ricoh’s function-enhancing firmware updates are developed in response to opinions and requests received from a large number of customers via surveys submitted at registration time and through other channels. These updates enable customers who already own GXR and GR DIGITAL III to update their firmware to include the latest functions, thus making it possible for them to enhance the performance and usability of their cameras by adding new function and setting possibilities.” [Ricoh website – again, note availability of 3/28/11]