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  1. kelsci
    Mar 25 - 6:09 am

    I am not impressed with the results of this camcorder.

  2. Mike Whitehouse
    Mar 25 - 10:39 am

    It is hard to see how anyone could not be impressed with the results of this camcorder. Great job guys on explaining the hardware and I love the music video. Sony does really seem to be shaking up the market with its large sensor cameras. I notice their NEX-3 and 5 have already won editor’s choices in some tech magazines, for the most part, due to Sony’s R&D on using larger format sensors.

    I for one, would like to try this camera.

  3. Daniel Brienza
    Mar 25 - 1:50 pm

    Thank you for your review!

    As an EX1 and Canon DSLR shooter, I can appreciate the features and quality of the image. Although, it has a beautiful shallow depth of field, like a DSLR. The color of the demo doesn’t look as filmic, (at least based on this video). Maybe it was just the grading/color correction. Like the EX1, it appears that this camera will need some good picture profile recipes to deliver a more filmic look that we’ve all grown to love from the Canon DSLRs, and even the Panasonic cameras. But it has tremendous potential.

    My real concern about this camera is ergonomics. I know I can’t hand hold my EX1 or my DSLR. It has to go on a shoulder mount. This camera looks like it has even worse ergonomics. Granted, we’ve all had to build rigs to mount and hold our DSLRs, but we sort-of accepted it, since, after all they are DSLRs. So, maybe we will just mount this camera on our DSLR rigs, but I’m not sure it is ideal. It seems that this design, is moving toward the RED camera’s “brick” design, that is modular, but definitely not build for run and gun, and will require a lot more “accessories”. So, it is definitely for filmmakers, who don’t mind a little more setup time and rigging, versus the ENG or event camera guys.

    I like to see how it compares to the EX1 image.


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