Sony CLM-V55 Portable Monitor In-Stock

The sweet little 5-inch monitor that Sony introduced at CES 2011 is now in stock and shipping for $399.

The CLM-V55 has a clip-on attachment for mounting on Sony Alpha hot shoes or a standard hot/cold shoe as found on other DSLRs and camcorders.  The 5-inch display has a 800 x 480 resolution and offers a 1:1 zoom to full HD images. It connects via HDMI and sports a headphone jack so you can monitor audio as well.

Find the CLM-V55 here on B&H.



  1. says

    Nice, but can anyone tell me where I can buy these friggin’ 10 inch HDMI cables? They always picture external monitors with these short cables, but over here in The Netherlands, you can not buy them. Minimum length is 4 ft. Also I have not been able to find a 10 inch (or so) cable on internet sites in the US.

    Please help!