New Sony Full Frame Camera in 2012?

Sony A850 and A900

As Sony continues to tease the coming A700-replacement camera (presumed to be called the A77), rumors are building for a full-frame camera to follow-up the 24.6MP Sony A900 and A850.  Sony Alpha Rumors writes that its “trusted sources” have indicated an “amazing” full frame camera will be available from Sony in 2012.

Additional comments suggest that the full frame camera will use the translucent mirror technology found in the Sony A33 and A55.  Of course, the new A77 model will feature the translucent mirror; however, putting a full frame sensor behind the translucent mirror will be a first for Sony.  Given the recent developments with Sony’s SLT models, we should expect the coming full frame model to also capture at least 1080p HD video using AVCHD compression.

[Sony Alpha Rumors]



  1. Markac says

    I kind of hope that Sony makes an SLT body to replace the A850 and a real prism DSLR to replace the A900. That should keep everyone happy.

  2. says

    I’m using a A55. The DST technology is really amazingly fast and comfortable in use. As soon as the A77 appears i will sell my A700.
    It would be great if the newer models have manual ISO setting while filming (not available on current DST models).
    It’s clear: new developments are not typical “photographic” anymore: thats why Canon, Nikon will have a hard struggle with a company like Sony which is far better (and more experienced) in (digital) technology.