Sony NEX-7 Coming Soon?

The rumor mill is churning about a new NEX flagship camera from Sony.  The rumored Sony NEX-7 was tipped to Photo Rumors as a follow up to the popular NEX-3 and NEX-5, along with the following description:

When you look in front of the new Sony NEX 7 with the 24mm Zeiss mounted, the new camera looks like a twin of the Minolta Dimage A2 – a really small nice pro body.

That description reminds me of the recently announced JVC GC-PX1, although it is a fixed lens camera.  Not much more about the new mirrorless camera is known at the moment.

[via Photo Rumors]



  1. Phiroze Javeri says

    NEX-7 would be justified only if it has a simpler menu to allow quick navigation, and the possibility of a set of more compact lenses. One can then try to cope with the add-on eye-level view-finder.

  2. says

    I’ve got a NEX-5 and I can say it’s the best ‘compact’ camera I’ve had. It’s the first time I can get images with the same quality as an DSLR. More compact lenses can not be for this camera, how could you deal with such a sensor and get the known results if so? No other compact camera has let me manage the depth of field like this one, and I’ve had many, including two Canon of the G series. Yes, I miss a view-finder and adding one to the future model would make it perfect, I think.

  3. Art Woosley says

    The entire purpose of the Nex camera line is to be THIN. Get it? No mirror, no prism, so it is THIN. Why would Sony make it fat, ugly and retrograde? Rediculous rumor for the gullible and stupid.