Try Out the New Forum & Win a Copy of Strobist Photo Trade Secrets

Want a free copy of Strobist Photo Trade Secrets?  (Read the review of these cool books.)

I’ll be handing out a couple copies of these books to active members in the new and improved Photography Bay forum.

Just sign up for a free forum account and start talking to your fellow Photography Bay members.  You don’t have to say anything about the giveaway in the forum, just be there and be active (don’t be spammy though).

I’ll notify the winners at the end of this week via personal messages through the forum.  So, check in to see if you are a winner.  If I don’t get a response from the winners by Monday, I’ll notify another forum member instead.

If you miss out on this one, stay tuned for more ways to win more cool stuff…

And, don’t miss out on a chance to win the Photography Bay Swag Bag if you haven’t entered yet



  1. Bill990 says

    Please read and comment on my post in the Nikon Forum about my Portable Portrait Studio for on location photography using Nikon camera, lens and CLS flash with the Orbis ring flash, umbrellas and backdrop.

  2. Bryan Arroyo says

    THe forum seems to provide great info in a timely fashion. Great place to learn about new developments