Japan Earthquake Effect on Camera Manufacturers

As you are probably aware, many camera manufacturers are based in Japan.  Nikon, Canon and Sony (among others) were all affected by the catastrophic earthquake that struck Japan last week.

Below you will find links to relevant stories concerning damage to manufacturing plants and the temporary closings of certain plants, which resulted from the recent earthquake, tsunami and/or nuclear disaster in Japan.

Canon Japan Press Release – plant closings/status updates

Nikon SLR plant affected – more discussion on Nikon Rumors site

Japan Fabs and Earthquake

Toshiba (CMOS sensors) plant shut down

Canon USA and Sony official statements at Popular Photography

Panasonic Lumix plant damaged with minor injuries to employees – via Amateur Photographer

Sony shutting down 6 plants



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    use google translate with the URL link in the window, then hit ‘translate’. Not perfect, but understandable.