Short Film ‘Tick Tock’ Shot with 5D Mark II in Seamless Take

Anyone who has tried their hand at video knows that long takes are challenging from both a technical and creative aspect.  For one, everything has to go right with the camera and all the surrounding technical components.  And two, the subject matter has to be engaging enough in order to justify the long take.

This student short film managed to wrangle both challenges for a very compelling short film made up of roughly a four and a half minute seamless take.  It was shot with a 5D Mark II and 24-70mm lens on a Steadicam Merlin.  They shot 36 takes in total.

Check out the behind the scenes video below.

[YouTube via PetaPixel]



  1. Manda says

    Really cool. Must have been incredibly difficult doing that all in a single take! Nicely done