Sony Reveals More About A700 Replacement, Coming Mid-2011

Sony has taken every opportunity over the past year or so to tease an A700 replacement.  Such is the case again this week at CP+ in Japan.

In this case, however, Sony managed to give an idea of when it would be available.  The yet un-named model that will replace the A700’s position in the Sony Alpha lineup will be available “mid-2011″ according to the official word from Sony at CP+.

In addition to the new A700 successor, Sony is developing a new standard kit lens and a new hot shoe flash to pair with the prosumer camera.  As we have already learned, the Sony prosumer model will feature Sony’s Translucent Mirror Technology (as found in the A55 and A33).  The prosumer model, rumored to be called the A77, will also capture AVCHD in full 1920 x 1080 resolution.  The camera will also feature an APS-C format sensor.



  1. joe kingsbury says

    this camera looks like the one that my friend bought his kid at a toy store. keep it up sony keep going down hill. just like a lot of your products. no more top of the line sony products for me.

  2. Axel says

    Currently the A33 plus A55 translucent models are a shambles in terms of overall performance, they are severely flawed. These models are only being bought by people who don’t do their research or others who trust all things Sony without a question. The noise levels and dynamic range of Sony sensors are still not up to scratch.
    By the way, why do all the main camera companies insist in putting 24 megapixels in full frame sensors. If they used newly designed sensors in comination with 14 or 16 megapixel full frame sensors and the latest noise reduction techniques (I am referring to on-chip hardware-not in software processing) then we would have pictures with zero noise up to ISO 800 in RAW with more than enough resolution and much better dynamic range than is currently the case. When you take a look at what Canon did with their current crop of 18 megapixel sensors to get low noise, and how Panasonic redesigned the sensor on the LX5, and what Fuji did with the design of their latest sensors to reduce noise, then they should apply these techniques to a full frame sensor and we would be in heaven at last.
    My 12 megapixel Pentax KR has “ABSOLUTELY NO NOISE” at ISO 100 and 200 in RAW. The previous generation 6 megapixel sensors were riddled with noise at ISO 100. So low noise is what matters to me. The fact that my KR has HDR on board is icing on the cake, plus it has everything else that every other competitor has plus more filter effects and still coasts half the price. Until a manufacturer puts out a near perfect camera with 1920-1080 at 60FPS with no jello effect and super quick full-time autofocus plus a scrathproof screen on the back, then all these other higher priced cameras are simply a rip off.