Sony Opens E-Mount for Third-Party Lenses

Sony has announced that it will be unlocking the keys to its popular NEX camera models (i.e., the E-mount specifications) and allow third-parties to develop lenses for the system.  What’s more, Sony won’t charge them a dime.

Given the initial popularity of cameras like the NEX-5 and NEX-VG10, I would expect to see plenty of lenses down the road from the likes of Sigma and others.  In fact, Sony is touting the endorsement of the move by Sigma, Zeiss, Cosina, and Tamron.

No specifics on what glass will be the first on store shelves, but my guess is that these guys already have stuff in progress.

Any Sony NEX owners out there with a wish-list of lenses from Zeiss, Sigma, etc.?



  1. wally brooks says

    Its the lens mount that allow exclusivity for a camera maker! With this announcement Sony is firing a shot across the bows of Canon, Nikon, and everyone else. Nikon has shipped millions of DX lenses in the past five years for example, and this lets Sony catch up, opens the doors to competition from a much larger company and, I hope, make the market more responsive.
    From a happy D 7000 shooter!

  2. Kenny says

    This should have happened years ago. They need to make all lenses interchangeable anyway. If they are going to put new stuff together. Make it in the camera and Lens makers can spend more time making better and faster lenses, and have a much broader market because they will be shooting to make all camera manufacturers happy.

  3. Pete says

    I have the 16mm prime and the 18-55 zoom, with the telephoto about to arrive (at last). Still missing a decent macro. Gaining some grudging respect from the Canikon crowd for the quality of the shots, mainly because of the great sensor and software. More lenses would make the Nex 5 unbeatable (until/unless the translucent mirror thing turns out better…)