‘The Ice Book’ Made With a 5D, a MacBook, Paper and Light

It’s not everyday that you see something with as much raw creative genius as ‘The Ice Book.’  Davy and Kristin McGuire made this magical little pop-up book with a 5D Mark II, a MacBook, paper, scissors and light.

The Ice Book is a miniature theatre show, a pop-up book that comes to life as if by magic.

It tells the story of a mysterious princess who lures a boy into her magical world to warm her heart of ice. It is made from sheets of paper and light, designed to give a live audience an intimate and immersive experience of film, theatre, dance, mime and animation.

We created the show during a four month artist residency at the Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen in Germany. All we had was a 5D Mark ii, an old Macbook with After Effects, some builders lights and a green cloth that we improvised as a makeshift green-screen. Before we started we had no idea how to make pop-up books let alone how we could combine them with projections. With a lot of care, love and arguing the idea eventually came to life. –Vimeo

For more details on the project, check out TheIceBook.com.

[Vimeo via Phillip Bloom]



  1. marko says

    It is amazing..But can you explain the use of green screen and most important how did u project all those cinematics with proper frame fitting (projector..reverse ?)

    Xtraordinary work..really inspiring