USB Follow Focus for Canon HDSLRs Launched

Okii Systems has announced a new USB follow focus for Canon HDSLR cameras.  The devices allows users to control the autofocus motor in Canon USM lenses through the USB interface on the camera body.

Like Canon’s EOS Utility, the USB Follow Focus uses Canon’s USB protocol to allow control of a wide range of functions, but without the limitations and bulk of being tethered to a computer. The device is handheld, weighing under 5 oz. including batteries, and less than 3″ in diameter.

The USB Follow Focus uses the autofocus motor in Canon USM lenses to control focus, even while recording video. This focus control also works in any Live View modes, which can be useful for photography. The nine other switches located around the central focus knob can be used to access important camera functions, such as recording start/stop, digital zoom, engaging autofocus, saving focus points, and adjusting certain camera settings.

The Okii Systems USB Follow Focus costs $400 direct from Okii Systems’ website.