Rode Videomic Pro Compared to Original Videomic

Carl from Digital SLR Shooter put together the above comparison video between the new Rode Videomic Pro and the original Rode Videomic.  I’m pretty impressed with the difference the +20db gain setting makes on noise for the new mic.  Thanks for sharing your test Carl. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to try one out for myself soon.

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  1. JJ says

    “for someone doing a review on a mic, the mic he is using really sucks”
    Thats cause he’s using the 5DII built in mic, so you can tell the difference between all three.

  2. JE says

    Appreciate the test. Mike 1 was louder on the video. It also had a lot of background noise. Mic 2 volume was lower. Obviously the zero gains were not matched for such an informal test. However, Mic 2 had very little background noise. Even at the lower gain, one could hear quieter sounds much clearer. It appears if zero gain was matched in processing, that the Mic 2 pro is a much more sensitive mic. In addition to its smaller size, it would be the better mic for both an SLR and small video camera.

  3. says

    Thanks for posting my test video. I’ve done one more (the last I promise and it’s only 57 seconds long!) where I’ve taken the audio from this test above and in post production increased the levels of the rode videomic pro audio to match the videomic. If you turn up the volume you can clearly hear the hiss on the pro has gone.