Canon 60D at 1000fps

We’ve seen what the Canon 7D looks like at 2000fps.  So, what about the Canon 60D?

In this video from CrumplePop, you see the 60D slowed down to 1000fps.

In truth, the difference is not the camera, but the post-production.  The earlier videos we saw were shot with the Canon 7D at 60fps and processed in Adobe After Effects with a plugin called Twixtor.

This version, shot with a Canon 60D at 60fps, was processed using a feature called Optical Flow in Apple Motion.  For those not familiar with Apple Motion, it is a component of Final Cut Studio.

Personally, I think the videos I’ve seen processed with Twixtor look cleaner throughout.  But the obvious advantage of using Apple Motion’s Optical Flow is that it’s included in the box with the rest of Final Cut Studio.  Whereas, Twixtor is a $600 plug-in.

You can also do some time remapping in After Effects as it stands on its own; however, I haven’t pushed it this far before.

Your thoughts?

What’s your perspective on these time-remapped videos?  Do you have a different/better/cheaper work flow to get a similar look?