New Polaroid Instant Camera Coming Soon?

Last year at CES, Polaroid teased a new instant camera (the PIC-1000 – shown below) based on a classic retro design and created quite a buzz about the coming camera.

Unfortunately, the PIC-1000 never came to fruition even though it was supposed to ship in 2010 for less than $100.  Instead, we got the $90 (now $80) Polaroid PIC-300 (below) that printed wallet-sized prints costing $10 for a 10-pack (or $1 per print for you math majors out there).

Polaroid 300

This time around, it looks like Polaroid is teasing another instant camera to be revealed at CES 2011, which will hopefully bring back the traditional 3.1″ x 3.1″ prints from the old 600 cameras.

I’ve been a bit of a fuddy-dud about these early analog rebirth cameras/film from Polaroid and Fuji, but I might be able to warm up to a more traditional format Polaroid camera.

What about you?  Any interest in a new Polaroid camera?  What’s the ideal price-point for camera and film to bring you to the table?



  1. Jesper Hansen says

    200$-300$ for a Type 100 film camera. Basicaly a model 250 with modern things like lightmeter and PC-Sync …

  2. says

    There is a lot happening in the world of Polaroid instant films with the “Impossible Project” The company based in Germany has been manufacturing and releasing many of the Polaroid line up. Their next project is to manufacture something along the lines of the Polaroid SX-70. If any one can do it they can based upon their successes in recreating the Polaroid films.

    Check them out here

  3. W.Palmer says

    I still use my A1 but I dont see much future for the development of film cameras, after all Canon Pentax and Nikon took it as far as it could go.

    The future is definitely digital. The Sony NEX is a direction that I think will be followed where interchangeable lenses can be fitted to a simpler and smaller body.

    The problem I see is price. These devices have no value. A new model is launched approximately every 2 months with previous models being devalued at alarming rates! I certainly balk at dropping $1200 on a camera only to see it discounted over $60 each month and almost totally obsolete within a year.
    Launch them cheaper, 50% loss on $500 is better than 50% loss on $1200.

    I also think that when you get the camera home you should be able to use it, not have to go out and buy a memory card, or have to buy an HDMI cable. These nickel and dime tactics just annoy and are a turn off.

  4. Mike Balog says

    As the proud owner of an original Polaroid Professional 195 SE Model which I
    have had since the late 1970’s, I would be interested if Polaroid would bring
    back their line of Instant Film Packs for this Camera. As well as a convertiable pack unit that would allow Professional Quality 4 x 5 B&W and Color Negatives to be used. This is a Great Camera which has many possibilities such as being used like the Old Speed Graflix Cameras the old
    time reporters used to carry. There is another company that makes an identical
    camera right down to the Rivits. But The Original Polaroid 195 SE is a hard
    camera to relace. Cannot Beat AMERICAN QUALITY. Bring back manufacturing of
    Cameras to the U.S. as it would give many people New Jobs. Also a Digital
    Camera Back would be helpful for Professional Photograhers and Advanced Amateurs as well, Just my 2 cents. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Too.
    ~ Mike in N.H. ~

  5. Brian H says

    The most exciting Polaroid ever, and one of the most exciting analog cameras ever made, was the SX-70. I refer to the original, beautiful and very clever folding model and the warm soft images it produced. Why recreate anything less? Why churn out a cheap and ugly version when people would be willing to pay for the SX-70 original with original-looking film? Build in a decent digital back option and people will queue for it. I also don’t understand why the Impossible Project is struggling to recreate SX70 film. Surely the new owners of Polaroid intellectual property can simply licence out the original forumula for a great deal less than the long and expensive recreation process.