1. phil says

    I really can’t see any difference at all. Am i might to see a significant difference?

    Maybe changing the frame rate from 24p to 60p or 120p, now that would be a game changer but a slight increase in bit-rate just seems to make the files bigger without any really visible quality increase.

  2. meltdownman says

    I don’t know how you managed to get such a beautiful video from the firmware update issues that I have been reading over on wiki.

    What CF card were you using there guys? From what I saw on the other site there are issues with regards to frame rates higher than 30 with cards that are rated for less than 60 mb/sec and even those have issues?

    Any recommendations or are there going to be more tweaks to the firmware from ML?

    The Meltdownman

  3. says

    Hard to see any difference, which is good I suppose.

    How is this a “Magic Lantern” though?

    I kept waiting to see something, anything, extraordinary.