1. W.Palmer says

    I would love a T1i, No wait, the T2i has just come out, I’ll get that, just wait for the price to settle a bit… now…. What’s that? The 60D has just been released, Oh maybe I,ll wait for that to go down in price a bit.

    This is insane! These DSLR’s have no value at all. No sooner they hit the market then they lose on average about $50 per month in their first year.

    Is somebody paying attention to this? Obviously not. Craigslist is full of ads where some poor sucker is trying to get his money back on a “slightly used” (10000 shots) T2i still under warranty, but wants to trade up, and is asking $1200, he paid $1400, for a camera that is now selling for $800 six months later from Sears. A T1i you cant give away.
    The grey market scammers have already got this thing down to $600.

    This is not good for the retailer nor for the customer.

  2. AKC says

    Yes this is really distressing for the the user!
    I could very well relate to narrative given by Mr.Palmer. Feel Canon should be thinking about how its current customers feel!