DSLRs Banned in Kuwait

The Kuwait Times reports that Kuwait has banned the use of DSLRs in public places.  In the article, the Kuwait Times notes that the only exception for public DSLR use would be journalism purposes.

The article seems to imply that DSLRs make people feel uncomfortable, pointing out that amateur photographers in Kuwait have completely changed how they use cameras because of the poor reception to public use.  One photographer “decided to take photos of animals or still life due to the fact that these subjects don’t mind having their picture taken and don’t make a scene. ‘I started facing problems the very first day I bought my camera,’ [the photographer] added.”

Even with the assorted issues related to photography in the US, I’m thankful to have the liberties that we do have, and I’m glad I can walk around in public without being charged with a crime for using a DSLR.

UPDATE: Kuwait Times has issued a retraction of its story.

[via Kuwait Times]



  1. Radek says

    I wonder how this ban will affect tourism? Why would I go to Kuwait if I can’t even get a snapshot of its cities?

  2. Renee says

    It’s so hard to get a candid, captivating shot anymore without getting ridicule. Even in London it’s hard to without having to give a laundry list of reasons why and your credentials.

  3. rthomas says

    Maybe it’s because they are tired of a bunch of goober with cameras taking their damd picture without being paid.

  4. MEZEUS says

    Buy a ‘bridge camera’. Uses a optical electronic viewfinder.No mirror so technically it not a true SLR. It’s true that it’s perfectly legal to take all the pictures you want in public places.(USA).But you have to be very careful where you aim a camera nowadays. Especially around children. You can very innocently get yourself into a lot of trouble and legal expense.
    Also applies to subjects terrorist may be interested in. (Airports,Refinery’s,water supplies etc.)

  5. MEZEUS says

    Renee: One big reason for people not wanting candid pictures is the social networking sights.(Tweeter,My space etc) With a little knowledge of Photo Shop a person can manipulate photographs into something obscene,demeaning or worse.

  6. MEZEUS says

    I really don’t understand why only DSLRs. All still cameras take the same pictures. Nikon cool pix and Canon sure shot takes beautiful pictures. You don’t need a ziggabit camera with a 1000mm zoom lens to get good photographs.

  7. says

    Actually, the same experience is “felt” in Morocco, where I just shot a documentary…….and can understand some of the issues faced by its people. Illegal, no, but invasive, yes. Watching a herd of “camera bearers” from a bus storm a marketplace wielding bazookas (gray colored 500mm lenses, you know) tripods and the “pros” wearing the “flack” jackets (photography vests) with camera bags weighting down their every step is a bit annoying to say the least.

    Ah, what ever happened to Atgegt, Brassai and Henri Cartier-Bresson? You can do more with less…………. Try a Canon G9? or as Robert Capa said, “if you picture isn’t good enough, your not close enough”.