Lens Bracelets: Which Lens Are You?

These cool lens bracelets come courtesy of Adam Eimakias, who has designed 8 wearable focal lengths.  The bracelets run $10 each, or you can pick up the entire set for $50.

Just a suggestion – these gel bracelets would be an easy stocking stuffer for your favorite photographer.

Check them out at Adam’s lens bracelet store.

[via PetaPixel]



  1. says

    Ugh! These are incredible, but why must they be so expensive? Sadly, getting this awesome set would be $50 off of my 85mm I’m saving up for. ;)

  2. TimR says

    I’m a 85 1/4 D and 70 – 200mm vrII fan :) how come the 70-200 is in white? must be intended for Canon snappers i guess… hope they make sum for us Nikonites :) ::cheers::

  3. Tom says

    I looked that the sellers website and there are some that are not pictured. What is worse is that there are combos that are not at all described (image or text). Will there be pics up in time for Xmas purchases?