Westcott Strobelite Holiday Gear Set

Westcott has yet another solid holiday promotion with its 3-strobe set.  For just a smidgen under $300, you get quite a big kit:

  • (3) 300Ws Strobelites
  • (2) 45″ Umbrellas
  • (1) Barn Door Set w/ 4 Gels
  • (1) 60-degree Honeycomb Grid

Heck, a pretty basic 200Ws strobe from Westcott will set you back over $200.  And they’re selling three 300Ws strobes for $300?  That’s what I call a deal.

You can find the Strobelite Holiday Gear Set at B&H Photo, Amazon and Adorama.

Note that the B&H product page currently says a “150Ws” strobe in the description, but it has the correct model number to the Holiday Gear Set (653H).  I’m shooting them an email for clarification, but they’ve also got it price $20 less than Amazon and Adorama.

UPDATE:  I just confirmed with B&H that the description was incorrect on their site and they are updating it to show that it does include (3) 300Ws strobes.



    • says

      Westcott is a pretty reputable brand. I know Scott Kelby is a big fan and has his name on some of their packages as a sort of personal endorsement. Obviously, this kit is much lower-end than Profoto or Elinchrom, but I have to admit that I’m tempted to shell out $300 based on what you get in the kit.

  1. Dominic says

    Sure it’s inexpensive, but those strobes only go down to 1/4 power (75Ws). This is too powerful for normal portrait photography.

  2. Marcus says

    The set does not say if it includes any cables or not. B&H had no idea and neither did Adorama. I was told my set should ship on or around the 7th.

  3. says

    The cables ARE included, and we are expecting them in, any day now!

    BTW I’m only an email away if you ever need any advice, or after-sales support, with any order from Adorama: HelenO@adorama.com

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

    • says

      Thanks for the info Helen. I just confirmed this with Westcott a little while ago too. Each strobe includes one sync cable, so that’s a total of 3 sync cables for the kit.