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  1. Richard Pearce
    Nov 12 - 3:47 am

    Thanks for the readable and informative review. I haven’t tried Photo Mechanic yet, but my workflow could sure do with a brush up. I like the idea of RAW files loading quickly. Will take a look at PM. Helpful article. Cheers.

  2. forkboy1965
    Nov 12 - 10:28 pm

    I exclusively use Lr 3 for managing and editing my amateur photography pursuits and have noticed how the application (even running on a quick Mac) seems to get bogged down during import.

    The idea of using another piece of software that would allow faster work up front (deciding keepers from trashers, etc.) sounds great. Until I find out it’s $150.

    I’m not saying it may not be worth the money, but that’s a fair bit of cash to pony up after having spent $275 to acquire Lr 3.

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  4. Tom Culler
    Nov 21 - 12:32 pm

    Forkboy – Check out FastStone Image Viewer. It’s completely free, though once you’ve used it and have seen how fast it is, you’ll want to donate at least a little something to the developer.

    FastStone has great speed, especially with RAW photos. It’s meant to do the same image review type work that you’d use Photo Mechanic for. The only con of FastStone is that you can’t do a whole lot with EXIF information; there is EXIF viewing but only minor editing. Also, while it catalogs images, it’s mainly for fast thumbnail display.

    It has batch processing for resizing, watermarking, and color adjustment, and has a basic set of image editing tools – all color-related.

    I use FastStone for my image reviewing, sorting and tagging after I import photos with LR3. If I have any ‘real’ editing to do, I load up Photoshop. For fast photo review and filtering, though, it’s VERY fast, and again, it’s free.

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