Gaffer Tape 101: Using Optical Slaves While Cheating the Sun

I was outside taking some outdoor portraits earlier this week and had more lights than I had radio receivers to trigger them with.  While all the strobes had the ability to trigger with optical slaves, the sunlight (even though I was positioned in the shade) prevented the optical slave from seeing my command flash (no matter how close it was to the slave cell).

This was one of those oh-crap, on-the-fly moments…

So, I made a little gaffer tape sun-brella (à la David Hobby), which you can see in the above photo, in order to get rid of whatever light waves were interfering with my optical slaves.  A couple of pieces of gaffer tape saved the day again.

After constructing the gaffer tape sun-brella, the strobes popped every single time.  Thank goodness for gaffer tape.  It’s only $4.50 for a roll, so there’s really no excuse for not having some in your bag.